Faculty Q&A with Wendy Chung:
Exploring Genetic Approaches to Medicine

Rudy Leibel, MD, Co-Director of the Berrie Center, once described his former grad student, Wendy Chung, MD, PhD, as “a triple threat” - an equally gifted scientist, clinician, and teacher. Dr. Chung (a 2002 Berrie Scholar) is an expert in the fields of clinical and molecular genetics and the Director of Personalized Medicine at the Irving Institute for Translational Research. She is also part of Columbia’s recently launched Precision Medicine Initiative, which aims to improve patient care based upon genetic and other information specific to each individual.

Dr. Chung recently sat down for an extended interview with the Columbia News Staff to talk about the challenges, promises, ethics and future of genetic medicine. Read her informative Q&A: Exploring Genetic Approaches to Medicine.