There’s news. And then there’s news. The news that comes out of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center can change lives. For people with diabetes and those who care for them, and about them. So it makes sense to stay on top of all the latest. Both the news the Center puts out through this site, and the frequent media coverage we get based on our important and exciting findings and the authoritative voices that speak for us.

Hesham Osman, Administrator and CFO: “I Am Happy to be Part of This Organization”

Hesham Osman, 59, the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center’s talented Administrator and Chief Financial Officer was born and raised in Cairo and earned a business degree and then a master’s degree in accounting from Cairo University.

A Long Distance Relationship With Your Doctor? “For Me, "Even Coming to the Berrie Center from China, Was a No-Brainer”

How far would you travel to see an endocrinologist—especially one you already adored? For Doug Kanter, a photojournalist, software designer and a patient of the Berrie Center’s Co-Director, Dr.

2014 Diabetes Research Panel: Update on Research at the Berrie Center

The Diabetes Research Panel showcased the extraordinary research program at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, encompassing scientists and clinicians from more than a dozen departments at Columbia University who are collaborating on cutting-edge projects ultima

Dieter Egli

Dieter Egli, PhD April Diabetes Research Panelist

Dieter Egli, PhD, is a unique basic scientist with a passion and expertise in translational research – his goal is to apply his work to cure type 1 diabetes.  Although early in his career, and a newly recruited Columbia University/Berrie Center faculty member, Dr.

Dr. Domenico Accili

Domenico Accili, MD April Diabetes Research Panelist

We have confirmed that the gut production of insulin, a discovery we originally made in mice, can also occur in people with diabetes—Domenico Accili