A TED Talk at the MET on TID Presented by Dr. Robin Goland Goes Global

Very soon after presenting on the TEDx stage at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) on September 26, the Berrie Center’s Co-Director, Robin Goland, J. Merrill Eastman Professor of Clinical Diabetes, learned her talk had been viewed in Sri Lanka. Such is the power of the TED stage-- to make great ideas immediately accessible and spark conversation.

This year's theme was "The In-Between", a daylong celebration of what isn't. Yet. The main stage of TEDxMet was at The Met Breuer. The building itself served as the inspiration for the day: no longer the Whitney, not yet the Met, a building in-between. Dr. Goland, who was invited to speak on type 1 diabetes (T1D), took the stage with 14 other noted artists and experts, including two Pulitzer Prize winners.

Dr. Goland led the audience on a journey. It began in 1922 when Edwin Manheimer was admitted to the hospital as a sickly boy with a diagnosis of T1D and became among the first persons to ever receive insulin, changing his life forever.

Through advances in treatment and technology Dr. Goland showed how people living with T1D today, including Edwin Manheimer’s granddaughter, are able to live normal, healthy lives. “The outlook for people diagnosed today is much brighter for a healthy normal life expectancy, free of terrible complications,” said Dr. Goland.   

On prevention and early detection of T1D she said, “Thanks to scientists collaborating together on a study called the NIH TrialNet study we have found ways to identify T1D in relatives of our patients even before it occurs and we are working for the future to prevent diabetes so that no additional family members will develop it.”

For those living with T1D, the cure can’t come soon enough, and no one is more aware of those feelings than Dr. Goland. She talked about the need for a T1D “revolution”, a new way of looking at a world without diabetes.

“I recently went to see the cubist exhibit at the Met and I discovered it was about science,” she said. “A patient observed to me that Picasso and Braque are scientists of the art world. They worked together to discover new ways to look at the world. The results were unimaginable before they came along. You can’t see it, until you see it. Their work led to a revolution that changed the world forever. Much the way the discoveries Banting and Best changed the world forever for my patients. I believe we are poised on the brink of a revolution in the science of diabetes.” 

From New York City to Sri Lanka to everywhere in between, Dr. Goland’s words were heard loud and clear.

Watch Dr. Goland’s TEDxMet talk here.

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a successful global annual conference and lecture series that produces the popular online TED Talks, described as “ideas worth spreading.”  TEDx talks are independently organized TED events that take place around the world. TEDxMet presents talks on a broad range of scientific, cultural and academic topics.