In Their Own Words

On July 15, campers at the 2016 Berrie Summer Fun Program took part in a poetry workshop led by Berrie Center Diabetes Advisory Board Member and poet Mary Elizabeth Bunzel. The theme of the day was friendship. Here are a few of the poems:

Ode to Diabetes by Teo Schimizu, Age 11

Dear Diabetes:

I hate you I hate you

but I have to thank you,

you made me brave you made me friends

you made me feel you made me

quite unique you made me healthy

you helped me in this game of life

you made me me

you made me who I am today


Friendship by Shayne Dunleavy, Age 11

Friendship is the blanket that keeps you warm at night

or the security guard that protects you from a fight,

A friend can understand you,

but as a friend you must understand your friend too.

Some friendships sail away like boats,

while others are as strong and well-kept as oaths.


Baller Dreams by Ryan Cabreja, Age 12

The nice blue skies,

glare my dark brown eyes.

Many emotions,

but no potions.

Love in the air,

and I stare,

just to see,

the basketball courts right there.


Summer Fun by Janine Amber Fries, Age 11

Fun – fun in the sun.

Where we love to run

in the beach, on the sand.

It’s the funnest place in the land.

Where the water is very cool,

such like the pool where

we like to float.

In the water just like a boat.