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New Endowed Professorship Announced:

Dieter Egli, PhD, Named as Maimonides Diabetes Research Professor

The Maimonides Diabetes Research Professorship has been established at Columbia University, in the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center. Dr. Dieter Egli, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and a pioneer in the creation of patient-specific stem cells, is the inaugural Maimonides Professor.

Diabetes Educators:

Key Berrie Center Diabetes Team Members

Meet the hardworking and dedicated team of diabetes educators at the Berrie Center. The diabetes educators are key members of the multidisciplinary diabetes care team that help care for the Berrie Center’s pediatric...

Taking Diabetes to College

A Berrie Center Patient Tells it Like it Is

Stanley Kay, 22, was, as he put it, a “career-minded 9-year-old,” who began dreaming about his future in elementary school—first as a baseball player, then as broadcaster for ESPN and finally as a sportswriter with a degree from a top school and a great job in journalism.

The Greatest Fundraiser on Earth:

The Berrie Center Goes to the Circus

Do you ever feel like life with diabetes is a balancing act—that you’re juggling too many balls or walking a tightrope?  If so (even if not so) the Berrie Center has just the upcoming event for you, your friends and your family.


Anastasia Brien, Yogi with T1D

Shares Passion for Yoga with Kids at Berrie Center

When Anastasia Brien became a Yoga instructor more than 15 years ago, her first class was a small group of spirited beginners—children. “They are the most natural yogis in the world,” said Anastasia, a popular yoga instructor in Greenwich, Ct. where she lives. “They will try anything, unlike adults who will pull a muscle to avoid falling and looking bad....

Turning Your Life Around

A Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Shares Her Story

Like so many New Yorkers, Nefertiti Matos enjoys an active, full and productive life. She’s a full-time student (summer included), works part-time at the NY public library, maintains a close network of friends and is training for her first triathlon. To that end, she's at the gym five days a week and works out twice a week with her team.