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Anastasia Brien, Yogi with T1D

Shares Passion for Yoga with Kids at Berrie Center

When Anastasia Brien became a Yoga instructor more than 15 years ago, her first class was a small group of spirited beginners—children. “They are the most natural yogis in the world,” said Anastasia, a popular yoga instructor in Greenwich, Ct. where she lives. “They will try anything, unlike adults who will pull a muscle to avoid falling and looking bad....

Turning Your Life Around

A Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Shares Her Story

Like so many New Yorkers, Nefertiti Matos enjoys an active, full and productive life. She’s a full-time student (summer included), works part-time at the NY public library, maintains a close network of friends and is training for her first triathlon. To that end, she's at the gym five days a week and works out twice a week with her team.

2015 Summer Fun Program

Five Days of Activity and Camaraderie

“It was amazing,” said the Berrie Center’s Communications and Outreach Program Coordinator and Camp Director Tori Bender, who organized the 2015 Summer Fun Program, five days of activity in and around New York City for children (ages 8 to 12) with type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Meet the Medical Students

From Summer Research Program in Diabetes

Great job to the medical students who participated in this year's Medical Student Research Program in Diabetes: The Program is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health through...

A Neuroscientist Maps the Regions of the Brain

That Respond, or Fail to Respond, to Weight Loss

Anyone who has ever tried to lose 5 percent of his or her body weight and sustain it, will be interested in the work of neuroscientist and obesity researcher, Michael Morabito, PhD. A post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Berrie Center Co-Director Rudy Leibel, MD, Dr.

The Berrie Center’s Rick Rausch:

A Mouse Whisperer and a Yankees Statistician

His desk at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center looks a little like the merchandise concession at Yankee Stadium. He has also heard the line (from the movie Ghostbusters) “you know, you don’t act like a scientist,” so often, it’s posted on his Twitter page (@rick7rozay). 

Pat Kringas, RN, CDE, Takes Pilgrimage to Lourdes as Part of Medical Team:

“A Life Affirming, Spiritually Absorbing and Inspiring Experience”

For the Berrie Center’s Pat Kringas, RN, MA, CDE, it was already on her wish list when she was asked to join last year’s annual pilgrimage (and then again this year) to Lourdes with the New York chapter of the Order of Malta, a lay religious organization whose primary mission is to help the sick.