Motorcycling to Fundraise for the Berrie Center

Many thanks to the Lucas Family (Jennifer, Edward, Madison and Nicholas), and the Westchester County Shields and Cross Motorcycle Club for the recent fundraiser they held for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center. Madison, 11, is a patient at the Berrie Center.

“We are proud to be able to present you with a check in the amount of $14,225,” said Jennifer Lucas, Madison’s mom. “We would like the money to go to help the kids directly, specifically to continue to fund the Summer Fun Program, provide pre-teen and teen get-togethers, and for purchasing life-saving diabetes supplies to help families that struggle financially when it comes to taking care of their child with type 1 diabetes. (T1D)” 

Jennifer, a respiratory therapist in Westchester County, had never heard of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center until Madison was diagnosed with T1D last December and hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, of NY Presbyterian Hospital. A self-described “tou

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gh-cookie” who is “difficult to please,” Jennifer was reassured that her child was in good hands after her very first encounter with the Berrie Center staff.

Jennifer recalled that they were met by Kelli Ferguson, the William Berkley III Child Life Specialist from the Berrie Center. “She worked directly with Madison in the ICU on learning about her diabetes. I didn’t even know a Child Life Specialist was an actual position, and Kelli made all the difference.”

Meanwhile, Madison’s dad Edward has been riding with the Shield and Cross Motorcycle Club since its inception in 2006—most of Madison’s life. This motorcycle club is made up of an amazing group of professionals who didn’t hesitate for one second when they decided this year’s event would be done in honor of Madison and kids with T1D, and the funds going to the Berrie Center.