Dancing Dan Billard and Wife Flo
Raise Money for the Berrie Center

Dan Billard has a winning attitude: “The more you do, the more you can do,” he says. So when he turned 85 this summer, he decided to have a fundraiser for the Berrie Center. Dan is both the grandfather and the father-in-law of people with diabetes—his grandson Richard is a patient at the Berrie Center.  “When you’re around people with diabetes,” he added, “you can’t miss all the machinations they go through just to survive.”

Dan, a trucker and lawyer most of his life, and his wife Flo had been DJs for 25 years of their careers (performing at nearly 200 weddings) known as “Dancing Dan” throughout the hamlet of Narrowsburg, NY, where they live. For the Berrie Center fundraiser they invited wedding parties and other clients along with friends and family. “It was an awesome event with a great turnout,” said Dan’s daughter Lisa Lander. “There were so many people who came out to support not only my dad but diabetes research, which was truly touching. Raising over $2,400 surpassed all of our goals”

“Can’t go wrong with the BeeGees,” Dancing Dan said of his favorite rock band and the event itself.

Dan’s already looking down the road at his next event. He added: “I told everyone to wait 5 years for my 90th Birthday and another Berrie Center fundraiser. You have to plan in advance and hope you’ll still be around. Life goes quickly."