Dr. Domenico Accili Delivers
Dean's Distinguished Lecture in the Clinical Sciences

Congratulations to Domenico Accili, MD, who presented the Dean's Distinguished Lecture in the Clinical Sciences, on the subject of “The New Biology of Diabetes”. Dr. Accili is Chief of the division of Endocrinology at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the Russell Berrie Foundation Professor of Diabetes, Professor of Medicine and head of the NIH-funded Diabetes Research Center at Columbia.


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The Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series (given only once a year) was founded at Columbia in 1981 to provide a forum and formal vehicle for interdisciplinary academic exchange in the basic sciences, clinical sciences, and humanities. Over the past 35 years, the Lecture Series has been a showcase for some of the world's leading basic scientists, clinicians, and humanistic scholars, all of whom have made significant and outstanding contributions to their respective fields.

An authority on diabetes, Dr. Accili is a graduate of the University of Rome and joined the Columbia University faculty in 1999. Dr. Accili’s research has delved into diabetes pathogenesis, integrated physiology of insulin action and mechanisms of pancreatic beta-cell failure. He is best known for his work to elucidate mechanisms of hepatic glucose production, gut endocrine cell differentiation and beta-cell function.

Dr. Accili has received numerous awards, including the Claude Bernard Medal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, the American Diabetes Association's Lilly Award, the University of Chicago's Steiner Award and the Endocrine Society's Astwood Award. He is a member of several editorial boards and advisory panels for academia, government, and industry. Dr. Accili’s work is supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Russell Berrie Foundation, and the JPB Foundation.